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The goal of Poverty’s Edge is to promote civil discourse on poverty in the Lehigh Valley and nationwide. We encourage open and passionate debate about these issues that will likely hit close to home for many of our readers. In trusting that our readers share an interest in civil discourse, user-generated comments will not be edited in any way. However, (especially considering our current polarized political climate) CACLV must emphasize the concept of civility in its every action, and comments including obscene language or threats of violent acts will be deleted or denied public visibility. Feel free to disagree with us and other readers as much as you like, but keep it a clean fight.

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In the effort to promote discourse on the many issues undertaken by CACLV, we will occasionally link to other bloggers and outside resources to bring other voices into the mix. Please note that the views portrayed in these outside links do not necessarily reflect the views of this agency.

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