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LVRC’s Annual “State of the Valley” Report Released: Alan Jennings Offers The Closing Comments

 On Wednesday, February 15, RenewLV and the Lehigh Valley Research Consortium teamed up to release LVRC’s annual “State of the Valley” report.  The report offered a sobering assessment of the region that should surprise few people.  The report is full…
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WE’RE DEAD It looked like doomsday.  The President of the United States, anxious to demonstrate toughness on the budget in his State of the Union Address, offered up just one domestic spending cut – the Community Action Agencies.  And the…
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Harrisburg Rally to Restore HEMAP: Mortgage Aid in PA Ends on September 30

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sponsored by the PA Save Our Homes Coalition, made up of housing, labor and religious groups from around the state. Join the cause at the Harrisburg Rally to restore HEMAP, a program which has helped many to save their home….
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Blaming the Victim

How do they do it?  How does an industry develop outrageously usurious products, seduce gullible homebuyers wanting what they have been told is the American Dream into loans that should have been illegal, cause the predictable collapse of the international…
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