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 This video documents the challenges faced by the residents of the Lehigh Valley and the approach taken by CACLV to help solve these problems. Special thanks to Blue Anchor Productions and the CACLV staff that made this video possible.

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  1. Missy Barrett

    I have two daughter with gastroperissis ,,it has been such a struggle not only the day in and day out struggles of the disease but the stupidity of a few people of our community… We recieved a letter in the mail not signed,,,,accusing me of poisioning my girls…and having Munchhousing disease, Im so mad.. The stupidity of these people…because its not breast cancer or Brain tumors…Its got to be in our heads or just for attention…This is not attention I care for…Seeing my daughters suffer,,kills me inside…No thrill at all….I need help…I want to fight stupidity with education. I really dont know ant other way…My daughter are going thru so many emotional things they really shouldnt have to fight our community too..

  2. CACLV (Post author)

    Thanks for sharing Missy Barrett,

    For overall information on GP visit- G-Pact’s website

    There are useful Facebook pages that serve as forums for GP patients and advocates to share stories, support others, and learn from other people’s experiences in regards to symptoms, treatments, side effects, etc. If you just search the following group names in the Facebook Tool Bar, you should be able to find the two groups easily. “The Gastroparesis Support Group” and the “G-Pact (Gastroparesis Patient Association for Cures, Treatments, Inc.)”.

    Don’t give up!

  3. Dave Mentzer

    My wife and I left NYC for Allentown in 2005 & live near the Tilghman Street bridge where the riverfront is being developed.
    We have 2 rental houses in the neighborhood and have seen many cases of eviction from the other side.
    We are members of the Lehigh Valley Humanists and have volunteered at your Sixth Street Shelter doing cleanup.
    It would be great if there was a facility like that as part of the riverfront project, especially something close to the Bucky Boyle Park.
    Mayor O’Connell just connected me with someone from the city involved with the riverfront development. Do you have any interest in something like this?
    Dave & Barb Mentzer

  4. Alan Jennings

    Thanks for contacting us! The short answer is, “Let’s talk!” There is a much more complicated discussion we should probably have, though. Please email me at with your phone number.

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