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LVRC’s Annual “State of the Valley” Report Released: Alan Jennings Offers The Closing Comments

 On Wednesday, February 15, RenewLV and the Lehigh Valley Research Consortium teamed up to release LVRC’s annual “State of the Valley” report.  The report offered a sobering assessment of the region that should surprise few people.  The report is full…
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You shouldn’t be lifting those heavy boxes by yourself, dear!

We welcome Lindsay Deemer, Projects Coordinator at Second Harvest Food Bank to Poverty’s Edge.  Lindsay oversees the packing and distribution of nearly 1900 boxes of food that are given to low-income seniors throughout our region each month. She has the…
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On February 14, 2010, Nikki W.  found herself keeling over in pain.  After months of testing, she was diagnosed with gastroparesis (paralysis of the stomach).  Gastroparesis (GP) is a chronic illness without a cure.  Treatment options are limited. There are…
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A Tale of a Safety Net in Jeopardy

We welcome Janet Ney, former Associate Executive Director of CACLV.  For over 28 years, Janet has enjoyed working in a variety of positions and currently she serves as the Coordinator of Advocacy and Outreach for the Second Harvest Food Bank…
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